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Preserving our heritage (and planet) one timber at a time.

Located in Hartford City, Indiana, Hodupp's Timbers serves the midwest and ships reclaimed lumber all over the United States.


Environmentally friendly, repurposing America's Resources

Why Hodupp's Timbers?At Hodupp's Timbers we have dismantled and reclaimed the wood from over 300 barns in the heartland of America. It is this hands-on expertise that makes us so special in this industry.

Would you rather buy from a middle-man with no experience and no inventory or from someone who has spent 25 years working in and around timber barns?

We work directly with the owners of these historic structures to pick the best quality and greatest diversity of beams and wood available in the midwest.

Because we have over 300,000 board feet of inventory we can meet the needs of both large builders and the individual homeowner. Since we have dismantled each barn individually we intimately know our inventory and can pick out the perfect beams or wood for each job.

We can also design and construct one-of-a-kind barns, outbuildings or sheds using the finest reclaimed hardwood available. Unique round barns are our specialty!

Let us give you a personalized quote for your job!

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The American Barn

By reclaiming native timbers harvested centuries ago, Hodupp's Timbers is taking an active role in preserving part of America's history. Once grand structures, American barns have served their noble role of anchoring and sheltering the pioneering farmers of the this country. Having outlived their usefullness due to the dramatic change in farming techniques and equipment, many of the remaining barns spotting the heartland are in desparate need of being saved from the elements and indiscriminate destruction.
By repurposing our resources we are creating something truly unique and good for our planet.