Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Nothing compares to reclaimed hardwood flooring. The wood just has an historic feel to it. Even in new structures the character created by the natural aging, bug holes, nail holes, hand tool marks and even tighter growth rings due to the fact it was made from fully mature trees possibly hundreds of years old.

Hodupp's Species Inventory

Oak, hickory, walnut, maple, ash poplar and chestnut are just a few of the species Hodupp's has in stock ready to be milled and kiln dried for your custom reclaimed flooring. Hodupp's has a wide variety and grades of hardwood available so whether you are going for the rustic look or a highly styled modern clean look, we can provide the floor material to fulfill your dreams.

Reclaimed White Oak bug holes

Kiln dried, tongue and groove

Stair treads