History of the Round Barn

Round barns are the scarcest of all old timber frames; reportedly fewer than 60 remain in the U.S. Indiana's first round barn was built in 1874. There was common lore crediting religious origins with the round design which "kept the devil from having corners to hide in". However, the round barn's unique structure gave a greater utilization of space for the farmers of the time. The roof was entirely self-supporting and the great strength of the walls and roof aided in the structures withstanding the high winds and tornadoes of the heartland. By the late 1920's farm prices were dropping and the round barn was proving too expensive to build and by the 40's were being replaced by manufactured barns.

Round or square, big or small, short or tall, Hodupp's does them all!

Hodupp's Round Barn Construction: A Specialty

Hodupp's has constructed several round barns for clients with varying uses. Options include cedar shake, steel or asphalt roofing, finished interiors using hardwood paneling as well as finished hardwood flooring. Hand hewn timbers are even available for the most discerning clients. Options abound, if you are thinking of a round structure please give us a call for a no-obligation interview and quote for your dream structure.

Round barn prior to dismantle

Round barn feeding troughs

Dismantling roof & siding removed