A building for everyone!

01Garden sheds
Imagine having your very own reclaimed wood garden shed. Character you just can't get with a big-box store particle board outbuilding.
02Old west general store facade
Need a general store from the old west? We have built several outbuildings with this design theme. Get one for your business and customers will think you've been in business for centuries.
Your very own workshop for an art studio, woodworking shop, you name your favorite hobby and we can build a structure to house it.

Hodupp's Outbuildings

Reclaimed lumber is one of the best ways to "GO GREEN" in new construction. Early American settlers utiilzed the resources around them to construct the barns and homes they lived in. Hardwoods such as oak, chestnut and walnut were utilized for their utility now we appreciate both their strength and beauty. Let us supply you with the wood to construct your own unique outbuilding or shed or consult with us and we can design and buid one for you.

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Hodupp's Timbers has built just about every type of barn you can imagine. Let us design the auxillary structure of your dreams. Heck, we can even build you a barn to call home if you want!