Hodupp's species inventory

Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Mapel, Ash, Poplar and Chestnut are just a few of the species Hodupp's has in stock ready to be milled into your custom flooring. Hodupp's has a wide variety and grades of hardwood available so whether you are going for the rustic look or a highly styled modern clean look, we can provide the floor material to fulfill your dreams.

$5495 10x14 starter timberframe

Hodupp's 10 x 14 Starter Timberframe made of all reclaimed hardwood, two windows, 4' covered porch, rear 6' double door, front 3' single door entry and corrugated steel roof.more

Hodupp's timbers quality control

The craftsmen at Hodupp's Timbers individually inspect each board every step of the way through its reconditioning process. Quality control doesn't just happen by accident. Hodupp's quality control begins before the first board is removed and is an important part of the process throughout the entire reclamation, renewal and final product phase. We carefully document and inspect every timber frame for its structural integrity .

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